Black Bay Street was inspired by "Black Wall Street" also known  as "Little Africa" in Tulsa Oklahoma. The ultimate strength is in numbers. All other races know this fact so they ban together to insure that they all can prosper.  Since slavery and breaking up of our families, mixing of our tribes, we have been conquered. And then we are exploited, criminalized, mass incarcerated and murdered. No other race is standing up for us. Most Blacks eagerly serve non Blacks when it is well documented that some of us came from royalty. Now we have been reduced to merely existing with no wealth, commercial assets and not even close enough necessary African employers. We need to heal ourselves.

African royalty


It is widely known that we Africans are the first to inhabit this world long before other races and we had domain of the whole world. We are the innovators of most things which were stolen from, copied and rebranded by mainly white supremacists. in order to survive in the future, we must go back to the basics by educating ourselves of our history in order to restore our African royalty and wealth. This means we must create our own world, just like all other races have done outside their native country. Example: Media, Schools, Banks, Shopping centres, Hospitals, etc..



If we unite and restore, we will rise to the quality of life that we deserve. Join us, come back home, live in peace and prosper for you, build a legacy for your children and your community.

Note: Please understand that the solutions offered by Black Bay Street are reserved for only those whose ancestors experienced hundreds of years of economic and social exclusion resulting in financial  tragedies and even now, living in an uneven economic playing field which was never addressed. To be more specific, unpaid reparations.  These solutions are designed to rebalance the economic playing field for our members who are clearly economically behind by about 400 years. Each prospective member will be considered on a case by case basis and Black Bay Street and its partners has the right to refuse its  products or services to any prospective or current member for any reason.

Do you live in Toronto or the G.T.A.? Do you want to meet with economic progressive minded melanated Africans who are from African ancestory to collectively discuss and impliment strategies to rebuild our global economic community? Request to join the growing group at BLACK BAY STREET meetups.

Educate and empower yourself, collectively rebuild our global economic community by watching BLACK BAY STREET T.V. and then let us rule again...

Taking the first step with BLACK BAY STREET...