In order to insure that the Black economic community projects we are working on comes to fruition, we as the Black community must come together to engage in collective economics.  "One God, one aim, one destiny."  Just like other races and religions have done so since they settled outside their native land, in order for us to survive, we must do the same. The minimum monthly requirement is $30.00. And we need to point out that the minimum amount that we require is a fraction of what other races and religions commits to their economic community. Once we are able to prove that we are making progress to establish our much needed progressive Black economic community, you will be expected to commit to a higher amount to bring you up to speed with all other races and religions. After all, Blacks claim that we must be treated as equals, so we must conduct ourselves as equal to the rest of society. There are no shortcuts to the successful guiding principals of life but it for some reason, our observations has told us that most Blacks thinks they can. And for this reason only is why we are looked down on and are the race  that is way, way behind.  We must move on from living the life of post traumatic slave disorder and colonization to help and heal our own who can not help themselves as a progressive collective Black community.  For we will never will get the due respect if we are not walking the talk. Here are the options to choose from:



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If you are in the need to improve your employment opportunities for a better quality of life, your only answer is cooperative economics. The only way that this solution is going to work for you, is that you must not exhibit slave minded and/or colonization characteristics. If you have these destructive characteristics, you can be taught to unlearn  them. There are ways to achieve only the best in life but for many, a paradigm shift must happen first by learning from successful people in our race who are 100% loyal to the success of our race because they invested the money and resources that was needed into our community. So you will have to commit a small amount of money every month to this initiative, which is less than a cup of coffee every day, and then encourage all Blacks to do the same. This advice is what all other races follow and they never deter from it because they know the greatest human investment is in their community. They know that cooperative community engagement results in creating a growing number of businesses and with businesses brings employment and with employment brings wealth and that growing wealth and power is passed down to the next generation. And this is why all other races and religions make their community their number one priority, closely after an intact and functional family structure. Slavery resulted in Blacks getting pulled away from a standard functional lifestyle and turned lifestyles upside down. Many Blacks attempts to function living a dysfunctional lifestyle and it rarely rarely works. The results of colonization has continued for hundreds of years and still continues to this day. We need to get up to speed with the rest of the world by uniting worldwide. We need to get back to the basics because by doing that, we will restore the ultimate power we lost and rise again.  See how to get started here.



It is widely know that Blacks has the highest unemployment rate in North America. And when there is a shortage of work, it appears that almost always Blacks are the first to be relieved of their duties. All Blacks know at least one Black person who was last to get hired and then was the first to get fired. Protection of one's income would be the smart thing to do. So Black Bay Street has introduced Black Bay Street overtime income” that pays its members 3 months of their income should they lose their jobs. The higher of $25.00 or 1% per month of our member's income is the monthly membership fee. There is a $125.00 enrollment fee. And to insure that our members get more that what they pay in membership fees, Black Bay Street partnered with a number of  financial organizations and brokers which will do just that. With Black Bay Street, you just can't lose.  Apply for Black Bay Street overtime income here.