This initiative will only make sense to highly intelligent Blacks who have a sound mind and loves their race first. After all, it boils down to simple addition and subtraction. Here's the facts, Blacks were living in North America before all other races. That fact is not disputed but especially whites, they think for some twisted reason, we were only existing first in Africa. That is a lie. Somehow whites think their numerous lies and underhanded ways will never come to light. What we find interesting is that whites have infiltrated Africa, caused all kinds of havoc, taken over our land and with no plans to leave. They call themselves Africans. We also find interesting is that we have no notable buildings in North America but yet we existed  in North America first. Whether you agree or disagree with that fact, we find it puzzling that we have nothing after over 400 years.  Why? Even now, whites targets and then sabotages or take Black businesses or any thing of value that is run by Black males. That trend must change. The power is within massive cooperative economics and ownership of assets. We must start to accumulate primarily great numbers of brick and mortar assets which includes systems, corporations and institutions. Or at least the same number that our colonizers has. After all, they claim they treat everyone equally. Not when we see every day it is everything but equal, their lip service is just what it is, lip service while they live off their colonization tactics. Can anyone explain how they came to North America with nothing and then in short order, own and control everything? Or that Blacks have been treated the worst and for the longest time frame and after hundreds of years, not even an apology has been issued? All other races they wronged was issued an apology and received reparations. Why not Blacks? Never! It is clear, they are extracting our resources which has not changed since they laid their eyes on us. They stole everything including our land, labour, inventions and music to name a few examples. So how and when did they start treating everyone equally? The fact is that it never has happened. And just because the scale of economic power changed from 100%, down to 1% and then slightly up to 5%, it is still not equal. Not even close. For them to even have the audacity to suggest it, is a huge insult to our intelligence. Only 50/50 and that split is generous taking into consideration they contributed nothing and did not pay for the land they stole. The criminal justice system they established was not to govern them. Mass murders of non whites, especially indigenous people and Blacks, continues to this day and those criminals were never brought to justice. So what makes them any different from their ancestors? They are conducting themselves just like their ancestors. Most of us Blacks have been victimized by revitalization projects which are actually gentrification tactics to uproot and distribute our lives. All our memories are then destroyed and replaced with properties that most Blacks can not afford. Not this time. Not with this plan because we will own the property, buildings and the assets on it. All we will pass on our possessions to our loved ones when we are gone. We must never forget how we were stripped of all our financial resources and so we must put mechanisms in place to make sure it never, never happens again. This plan addresses that tragic problem. We must build a progressive Black economic community because if we choose to ignore the road they are sending us down, we will certainly perish.

If we can spend thousands of dollars and/or go into massive debt, without asking too many questions for worthless college and university degrees that yields no jobs, give money to our churches that do not invest in their local Black communities, spend money with corporations that do invest in local Black communities, then we can, without hesitation, use a proven and a very low dollar management strategy; cooperative economics. By pooling our money together, no one can stop us. If we can get 1 million Blacks to give a minimum of $30.00 US per month. To make this commitment a success, it will require discipline. It will require Blacks to tell every Black on this planet to get involve with this initiative. It's time to do some aggressive nation building.

We are based in Toronto. We experience racism regularly. And as you probably suspect, we have no notable buildings. The buildings, we are referring to are schools, banks, shopping centres, hotels and the list goes on and on. Once we hit our goal of $250,000,000.00, we will use the funds to find and buy farm land big enough to build a progressive Black economic community starting by building a first class shopping centre called the Luxor. The image above is the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, which we can use to replicate our building and modify it in order to suit our specifications. There is no need to recreate the wheel. They managed to build Las Vegas and Dubai in a desert, why can't we? Only us can stop us.  An African themed shopping centre that we can duplicate around the world.  Why a shopping centre? Because most Blacks do not have financial discipline. We are known to be consumers who nation builds for other races except ours. And where has that got us? Do they in turn spend their money at Black based businesses in return? Not even close. We continue spending money with other races who do not respect us.  Watch at  this video starting at 3:50 or at 50:00. We paid a big price for ignoring the investment in our communities. Now that we have nothing. It's time to focus only on us until we heal and are matching all other race's economic power. In addition, the shopping mall will be a safe place, a meeting place where we can heal, network, strategize, speak our minds freely and it can be used for multi purposes such as meetings, conferences, weddings, entertainment and tourist destinations, etc.. Let's not forget, thousands of great paying and permanent jobs! A significant increase in  jobs, means an increasing reduction in crime. And from those profits, on that property we will build a preschooler to university school specifically for Blacks. Banks, a media company, sports arenas, etc. will follow. Whites are now talking about population control meaning the weakest will be eliminated. And who that will be? Not the ones who has virtually all the assets and are heavily armed. We are smarter than the average Blacks. We know what's coming. So when they turn on you, where are you going to run to? History repeats itself especially when you do not know your history. We have nothing. How are you going defend yourself? We are not working together so all of a sudden we'll coordinate ourselves? Not likely. They have been playing chess and we have playing with them using a divided checkers' mindset. Our ultimate demise will be due to mainly post traumatic slave disorder and colonization. We must rid ourselves from these viruses that they injected us with and build a progressive Black economic community. What many Blacks do not realize is that the greatest investment known to humans is their community. In North America, over 1.1 trillion dollars leaves our hands every year.  Let's take a fraction of that money and build our own progressive Black economic community and then keep the money within our community. We do not need them to manage our affairs and then lose exorbitant amounts of money to them. We need to stop living in their world and create and live in our own. No one can stop us except ourselves. BLACK BAY STREET  We need to unite, restore and rise, again even much bigger than BLACK WALL STREET

Let's leave you with this news story by CNN reported in January 2019. There are numerous similar stories. Now why would you want live among people who wants nothing but the worst for you?


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